Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Re: How to uninstall RC2 (dual boot) and fix MBR?


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Also, is there a way to force the computer's default OS to XP if I don't pick which OS to use at bootup? I only want to run Vista once in a while, not all the time.

Yes, you can uninstall Vista and restore your Win XP boot manager as well...

Boot your computer in to Windows XP.

Ensure you have the Vista DVD in the DVD drive.

Go to “Start” and “Run”. Type "cmd" & Enter.

Type “e:\boot\bootsect /nt52 c:" - Press Enter

(without quotes, and replacing e: with the drive letter of your Vista
DVD & replacing c: with whatever is your XP partition drive).

***Ofcourse before doing this keep a backup of you data just in case
the boot manager gets hosed. It shouldnt, I have done this many times
and it will restore the boot manager.


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