Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Learning, Unlearning & Re-learning.

What was i up to all these time ?. Well as usual i was learning the basic of blogging. Coming to think of it , i thought i had already knew about the stuff. But my quest since last two days has indeed humbled me; more importantly it opened my eyes to the immense potential of 'social blogging'. Why the word social, well it is undisputed that at this very moment there could be millions of people experimenting with blogger or typepad. most of them end up being 'personal blogs' (mine too, till now that is ). Even tough they exist in public domain, they have near zero visibility.

Social blogging, on the other hand, offers to keep churning out interesting content worth noticing & spreading through our own social channels. in simpler terms, it means making yourself more interesting (NOT to mention all your social channels like facebook, myspace, orkut,peergroups, sms list & so on)

Now there is a catch to this; prettying yourself can also extend to such levels where its not the real you anymore. Now these things can mess up your noodles. Imagine the pressure! the alter ego colliding with the real ego.Guys like me will take the hard hit.

But there is hope once the dust settles, the pressure to 'create intersting' content , the bloddy thirst for style & detial; once these loose their shine, it would be much more easier - start shitting out about what ever comes to your freaking mind, claim to be a laid back person, establish a lazy bear image 7 so on.

hey i was supposed to write about something that much more intersting.


THALTREGO has just begun.....

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